Intelligent Memory


Intelligent Memory, originally established in 1991 in Hong Kong as “Pacific Force Technology Co., Ltd” has changed its name to I’M Intelligent Memory.

Unlike other flash memory manufacturers that focus on the high-volume commodity market, Intelligent Memory tailors its products to meet customer needs in the industrial and embedded markets. „Low Volume, High Value Add“ is key to them.

Their goal is to serve these markets and their unique needs for reliable memory solutions in multiple form factors, capacities, and interfaces. A wide range of products are available with different read and write speeds, operating temperatures, lifespans and durability to suit application needs.

Boasting extensive in-house product design, manufacturing and testing

With its own production capabilities, Intelligent Memory has the flexibility to customize products based on specific customer needs and use cases.

Owning production capacity as well as close relationships with other industry partners ensure the highest level of product availability and flexibility in the supply chain. From design to delivery, all products undergo extensive internal quality checks, ensuring our customers have the most reliable memory solution.

Find out how the Intelligent Memory range can provide solutions to your technical needs by browsing our website or by contacting us anytime via the usual channels. We will be happy to answer your questions and request a quote.