Industrial and professional drones

Not only for leisure anymore


Industrial or not, every manufacturing tool needs reliable operational systems. Industrial drones are used in a variety of industries, including agriculture, inspection, business, film, building maintenance, and surveillance. They therefore need performance-driven data storage devices in addition to a reliable operating system. In this way, they can be securely gathered and stored until the processing of the information after the flight.

For a number of reasons, the storage via cards or SSD must be reliable. First of all, to prevent any flight mishaps as it must be able to handle the onboard I.A., the aerial and thermal photos, and the topographic and spatial reference points necessary for piloting.

The protection against any loss of priceless data coming from extremely high-resolution cameras and highly accurate radars is also made possible by reliable storage. In reality, all of these tasks call for the need to continuously store vital information.

Product highlights

We offer industrial-grade modules and Flash memory cards for industrial drones in consideration of this reality. Our products meet the crucial requirement of minimal component energy consumption. Additionally, they have a very high data storage capacity. They can withstand extreme temperature ranges (-40°C to +85°C), and they are shock and vibration resistant. And most importantly, they are consistent with one delivery to the next.



The majority of our products have S.M.A.R.T. functionality to track memory usage and anticipate maintenance. To guarantee that the products always include the same components and firmware upon delivery, each has a fixed BOM. These components ensure the expected compatibility with your systems.


As with other industries, we advise getting confirmation from two different Flash manufacturers regarding the kinds of memory Flash that are required. This approach enables you to anticipate and prepare for any potential supply-chain challenges that may arise throughout the course of your project.

Depending on our discussions and your technical requirements, we will pick an Exascend, APRO, UD info, or Intelligent Memory solution. They are among the manufacturers we have chosen since they produce high-quality products that meet technical standards.

To sum up

Industrial and commercial drones have revolutionized many different industries by providing answers to previously challenging tasks. The use of drone technology by businesses now allows them to save money, time, and other resources. Drones are used in agriculture to map out local cultures, analyze the soil, and monitor the health of the plants. They can quickly and easily take aerial pictures in the film industry. They are able to enter challenging-to-reach areas and provide detailed photos for inspections like those of construction sites. Drones make it possible to identify issues quickly and lower immobilization costs in the maintenance and monitoring sectors. The versatility of their operational capabilities has allowed drones to increase efficiency across several industries. Their advantages over conventional methods make them a more alluring option for businesses from a variety of industries. Drone technology has a bright future and promises to open up a lot of new opportunities across a variety of industries.


Businesses must invest in high-quality hardware and software in order to maximize the benefits of drone technology. For operations to run smoothly and to operate at their best, quality components are crucial. Industrial Flash and SSD cards are widely used as components in drones because of their adaptability, dependability, reliability, and affordability. This technology allows for unbelievable reading and writing speeds that enable drones to complete difficult tasks quickly and precisely. It is therefore perfect for industrial drone applications such as aerial photography, cartography, inspections, and surveillance. Industrial Flash memory, such as that offered for sale by Mozaïk Storage, has a longer lifespan than other types of memory, resulting in lower replacement costs and shorter downtime for maintenance or repairs. Additionally, they enable drones to be lighter, making them more maneuverable.