Data logging and ADAS

Record more data quickly and securely


More and more data acquisition centers (DAQs) are emerging in a variety of industries as there is an increasing need for recording and security capabilities. This includes the automotive industry for the creation of new platforms as well as the storage and management of data. It pertains to ADAS data, LIDAR data, video, current, tension, pressure, sound, or temperature for analysis and the black box, among other things.

However, the issue goes beyond simply being able to develop a solution in a constrained space. Additionally, the solution must be usable in extreme environments, have unquestionable reliability, and include built-in auto-defence and auto-recovery features against physical and/or software intrusion attempts.

Additionally, it is necessary to prevent the loss of recorded data and to maintain their integrity.

Product highlights

The benefits

The most advanced reliability, security, and error correction features are not available in conventional Flash memory. For this reason, we are offering Flash modules and cards with industrial-grade components and advantages:

  • S.M.A.R.T. allows you to monitor and predict the lifespan of the equipment and system storage you have. As a result, maintenance is optimized while enabling anticipation.
  • Cryptography is used to protect data and prevent attempts to break codes that are essential to your production process.
  • Long-term reliability and dependability in terms of writing and data reading

Let’s discuss your needs together:

the number of writing and erasing cycles, the support’s desired life span, its capacity, and the operating environment…

Then we will love to show you the benefits of each technical choice (kind of module or card, type of  SLC, pSLC, MLC, TLC NAND, available features, FW customisable, etc.).

Furthermore, we can adjust our technical offer to fit your budget.

To sum up

To ensure a secure storage and quick access to the data, the recording of data and ADAS applications require reliable data storage systems. The right tools are required by businesses in order to store more data more quickly while maintaining its security. Conventional hard drives cannot be used for this kind of application due to its slowness, limited capacity, and susceptibility to damage. It is crucial to plan for the use of more sophisticated data storage options, such as industrial-grade Flash cards and solid-state drives (SSD). Industrial cards and SSDs are significantly faster and have higher capacities than conventional hard drives. They also provide better reliability, protection from physical shocks and vibrations, and reduced energy use. Additionally, these data storage solutions have longer lifespans due to the lack of mobile components, making them the best option for data logging and ADAS applications. Industrial SSD and Flash cards provide businesses with a reliable way to store more data more quickly and securely in their data logging and ADAS applications thanks to its higher capacity, faster speed, and higher reliability.


And for ADAS and data logging’s cyber security

Due to its ability to store sensitive information in a secure environment, this sort of memory also provides greater security against cyber attacks (TGC OPAL and cryptography, i.e.). Therefore, the Flash memory is a great option for businesses who want to ensure that their sensitive information is stored securely while also enjoying faster speeds and greater capacity. Businesses may rest certain that their priceless data is stored in complete security by utilizing references like those provided by Mozaïk Storage in their ADAS and data logging applications.