Exascend Co, Ltd. makes storage excellence available to all


A unique HW and FW approach

The HW and FW approach is what distinguishes the Exascend solutions from one another. Because they completely control their hardware and software solutions, they can develop customized Flash memory solutions to meet your needs.

This means that by choosing the appropriate materials and writing their own source codes, they can optimize their products and thereby achieve specific properties at the material and firmware levels.

In other words, Exascend is not a manufacturer of Flash modules and cards that merely combines ready-to-use components with in-hand solutions. They advance storage innovation through their accomplishments and technological advancements.

Unique partnership with Marvel

The strategic alliance between Exascend and Marvell, a world leader in controllers, results in a combination of the best controllers available. Their technical know-how and firmwware conception put them at the top of the industry.

They can do this by enhancing the performance of their controllers while taking advantage of their unrestricted freedom to develop products that are customized for your needs. And as a result of internal manufacture and validation, the development process is optimized and under control.


Unique customization available

Customization is at the core of Exascend’s DNA, as we have already mentioned. It’s not simply a service that’s being offered in addition to the creation of a variety of regular Flash modules and cards. On the contrary, that is their primary operating method and strategy.

With Exascend, we help our clients’ applications succeed and offer to develop the cutting-edge technologies needed for your solutions and goods.


According to Exascend, the concept of always using standard Flash storage products is obsolete. In ideal conditions, new storage interfaces with extreme performance offer unexpected performance, but they need to be adjusted for each application to work well in real-world usage environments.

Exascend is fully equipped to elevate your applications, whether it is through solution optimization for your operating environment and performance requirements or by the creation of a new solution to meet your technical expectations (operational performance, etc.).


Excellence in storage that is available to everyone

Exascend is passionate about storage technologies and aware of the benefits that a top-notch storage may provide in a variety of applications.

Their experience with high-quality industrial and business storage modules and cards gives them an unmatched advantage when it comes to understanding the most demanding storage applications on the planet. As with their products specifically designed for the film industry, which combine extremely strong performances with industrial toughness to deliver unmatched cinematographic performances even under the most trying circumstances.


Exascend in the world

Exascend is a local and international business.

With on-site application engineers and close cooperation with Mozaïk Storage, we are available to you by phone, video conference or at your premises whenever needed.