APRO Co. Ltd.


APRO was established in April 2004 and has since grown to become one of Taiwan’s top supplier of industrial Flash NAND storage products as well as one of the major manufacturers of this type of storage globally. APRO is based in New Taipei City.


A trustworthy industrial Flash NAND storage provider

We believe it is our responsibility to meet the needs of our customers. Therefore, with the help of APRO, we provide technical assistance, carry out deliveries quickly, have good the expected quality control, and provide the anticipated after-sale service. APRO, of course, has its own advanced department for research and development that is always innovating and launching new products to meet market demands.


Meticulous tests and quality control

APRO has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of industrial and embedded computing, and is aware of the importance of storage in these fields. All APRO products are subject to a stringent set of quality control procedures, including AOI inspections, functional tests, environmental tests (including those involving high or low temperatures, humidity, vibration, and fall tests), static and dynamic tests, and more.

The same cutting-edge technology used by APRO enables the efficient execution of quality control procedures throughout the development of new products, such as process debugging and sample tests. They also operate when RMAs are involved.

The internal tests that are performed also include electrical testing, tests of operating systems, tests of hardware compatibility, and others. Periodic audits and a thorough inspection of the facilities are strictly implemented to make sure that all quality standards are met and to identify any potential issues with the quality of each product. The three components of APRO’s quality control system are DQA (Design Quality Assurance), MQA (Manufacturing Quality Assurance), and CQA (Client Quality Assurance), which are carried out in the PDCA cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Action). These quality control measures ensure a high level of effectiveness in order confirmation, concept development, material preparation, card and module manufacturing, packaging, and delivery.

Let’s participate in our partnership with APRO!


Outstanding technical support

It is simple to reach APRO’s technical support team. Don’t be shy about getting in touch with us; we organize phone and video conferences to offer the necessary technical support when needed.