Swissbit AG

Flash NAND Solutions made in Germany


Swissbit AG is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of industrial SSDs and flash memory cards, security products and embedded IoT solutions for demanding applications. Swissbit combines its unique skills in embedded storage technology and IoT with advanced packaging know-how. This expertise enables our customers to store and protect their data in the most appropriate way.

The company develops and manufactures “Made in Germany” industrial security and storage products at their factory in Berlin with maximum reliability, long-term availability and customer-specific optimization .

Swissbit was founded in 2001, after managers acquired a division from Siemens and has offices in Switzerland, Germany, the United States, Japan and Taiwan. Swissbit owns the registered trademarks Swissbit® and Hyperstone®. Hyperstone is a manufacturer of NAND Flash Memory Controllers for Industrially Embedded Storage Solutions.

The products are IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 50001 certified and attest to their high production and management standards.

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Sustainable Development:

Swissbit believes in its responsibility to the environment and wants to contribute to the energy transition. To this end, they installed a photovoltaic system at their production site in Berlin, as well as heat pumps. With these investments, their energy supply becomes sustainable and independent of natural gas.

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Security products:

USB security series (PU-56n everbit™ pSLC / PU-50n MLC durabit™), microSD (PS-45u PS-46u PS-66u PS-600u / PS-450u) and SD (PS-45 PS-) 46 PS-66 PS-600 / PS-450) meets the growing need for mobile, mobile and industrial security. Products that provide tangible hardware security with a ‘Plug and Play’ approach.

Like ‘iShield Key‘ based on hardware protection, in addition to compatibility with Fido standards, it also provides additional security features for secure authentication without a password, anti-phishing and Online account protection. In addition to Fido2, the key also supports PIV (Personal Identity Verification) and HOTP (Hash Based One-Time Password).

Swissbit security products are extremely tough and durable, making them ideal for demanding applications with long service life and maintenance cycles. Valuable data such as sensitive files, videos, photos, licenses, operating system images, firmware updates, log files can be protected with encryption, access protection, or protection. forged by digital signatures or security factors. Voice and video calls as well as data streams for M2M communication can be protected by high-speed memory cards.

Server and data center products:

For data center applications, their latest Swissbit N4200 benchmark demonstrates the strength of their engineering capabilities while remaining focused on cost:
2.5″ U.3 (compatible with U.2) PCIe Gen4.0/NVMe 1.4 8TB and 16TB, Enterprise grade.

The N4200 sits with the Swissbit N5200 in their top product range for reliable, steady and long lasting use.

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